On November 10th 2021, Ben W. from Melbourne, Australia wrote:
Last December I had hand surgery for trigger finger. Using my Magic Mouse with my mouse pad was painful and difficult. Once I discovered Fliders, I couldn't believe what an incredible difference they made. Now I don't need the mouse pad to clutter up my desktop, and my mouse works better than ever. Fliders are very economical and last a long time. My hand never felt better. Thank you for this amazing product.

On October 8th 2021, Natalia from Santiago, Chile wrote:
Thanks, I received yesterday my fliders... and my magic mouse rock it!!! Thanks so much 🙂

On January 18th 2017, Alex B. wrote:
Long time fliders user/fan, just received my new fliders and applied them to my Magic Mouse 2 - boy what a difference! Great Product, my Mouse has gone from noisy to magic once again! Well done Fliders you've done it again I recommended this product to all Apple Magic Mouse Owners world-wide (All models)! If you use an Apple Magic Mouse on a desk (excluding a Mouse Mat, which I know most of you do!!) then your Mouse is not MAGIC without Fliders !! (and I never write feedback / testimonials :-D).

On October 4th 2016, Trevor S. from Prince George, Canada wrote:
I just received my Fliders in the mail today. Excitedly, I ran to my computer and opened the package and applied the Fliders to each spot. Huge difference in how quiet my mouse is on my table. I have a Carbon fiber type table and it was VERY noisy before applying the Fliders. But now that I have them on, its made my mouse so much quieter on my table and I'm in love! Thank you! FYI Using the Magic Mouse 2 with my iMac

On November 5th 2015, Bobby G. wrote:
These things are amazing! Just peel off the paper backing and stick them to the bottom rails on your magic mouse, and tada! Smooth silence. Best money I've spent in a long time. Thanks fliders!

On January 23rd 2014, Jan L. from Genk, Belgium wrote:
Before I found Fliders I didn't want to use my Magic Mouse again because of the scratching noise it was making on any surface. Now that I use fliders I love to use my Magic Mouse. It makes no noise and the movements feel soft.

On December 18th 2013, Jeff Waite wrote:
Fliders make it easy to use a mouse on any surface. If you're ever working on the go, Fliders are a must-have.

On July 16th 2013, Orun Bhuiyan wrote:
I have to say, Fliders REALLY make a difference when using a mighty mouse on a lightly colored or shiny surface. Much better cursor tracking.

On December 4th 2012, Luc D. from Rotterdam, Netherlands wrote:
Very happy, work perfect just make sure to use them in a clean environment otherwise they will worn out quickly!

On October 25th 2012, Deanne S. from Mohave Valley, Arizona wrote:
These are great!! I love them!!

On September 3rd 2012, Phill from Traralgon, Australia wrote:
After buying all types of mouse pads and trying the craft tape trick I went in search of something that would alleviate the sticky magic mouse runners... I stumble over FLIDERS and thought "well I've tried every other trick" so I grabbed a set. For what ever reason my magic mouse laser is a bit on the weak side and the blue Fliders lifted it too far off the surface. I emailed Richard about it and without hesitation he sent me some black ones that are not as thick and BOOM! I have a sweet gliding mouse. I then decided to play a bit more with the blue fliders and on getting another magic mouse they work perfectly on the same surface. I have concluded that my mouse may have a dodgy laser. Never the less Richard was more then happy to help out. I will recommend these sweet little strips of happy glide to anyone I can! Cheers Richard, Much appreciated!

On August 7th 2012, Eduardo B. from Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil wrote:
I have ordered a fliders a couple of months ago e it did not arrived so i got in contact with the company who promptly sent me another. This certainly demonstrates the company's honesty and commitment to meet and satisfy the customer, something that today we praise. Thanks Fliders! Btw! the product is fantastic! awesome!

On August 2nd 2012, Dan C. from Pewaukee, Wisconsin wrote:
I've had my Fliders on my Magic Mouse for a little over 2 months now, and I have been loving them! If you're using your mouse on a carpeted or other non-smooth surface (like I am), I recommend that you still use a non-cloth mousepad with them. They make the mouse move even smoother with them on. Also, I highly recommend that you get the lifetime replacement option. While that adds an extra $5 to the total cost of your order, it is definitely worth it! You'll have both time and money when it comes time to replace your worn-out Fliders! I would definitely recommend anyone who has any kind of mouse to get these!

On July 18th 2012, Greg H. from Troy, Michigan wrote:
I didn't realize how loud my Magic Mouse was against my desk. This really is a must-have if you're a MM owner!

On May 24th 2012, Caleb P. from Hyderabad, India wrote:
So i bought a magic mouse a couple of months ago and was really excited about how it looked and its functionalities. However, everytime i had to use my trackpad, i would realize that it was way faster and smoother than my mouse. I figured it must be the weight of the batteries, so i switched those out for the Mobee magic charger. Despite that I found myself choosing the trackpad over the mouse for sensitivity. However, the moment i installed the fliders, there was no turning back! I swear i'll never use the trackpad again! 🙂 I've got my flide on! 😛 On a more serious note, I do a lot of production/recording work and the trackpad area of my Macbook Pro gets quite hot, which is why i got the magic mouse, but mouse sensitivity is of extreme importance to me for making minute edits in audio files and other mixing tools. The fliders have solved my problem. Oh and they protect my mouse too!

On April 23rd 2012, Jon Ander G. from Erandio, Spain wrote:
I have the Fliders at home. They have only needed 7 days from USA to Spain, that is efficiency. My magic mouse is now faster and quieter than before, I'm very happy with the Fliders.

On April 23rd 2012, Nils K. from Obbicht, Netherlands wrote:
I just got a pair of Fliders for my Magic Mouse, since I purchased a notebook and I can't always take my mouse pad with me. I have to say that Fliders are an excellent replacement for my mouse pad! My Magic Mouse now is better than it was when I got it!

On March 31st 2012, Colin M. from Williamsburg, Virginia wrote:
Have To Have!! So Quiet And Smooth

On November 18th 2011, Michael R. from Almere, Netherlands wrote:
Thanks to Fliders my Magic Mouse works better. It smoothly moves on my wooden desk. Love it!

On October 19th 2011, Steven K. from San Jose, California wrote:
These fliders really make a difference on how smooth my mouse moves. It's hard to believe such a simple idea can make a world of difference! I got my flide on!

On August 1st 2011, Sharon G. from San Diego, California wrote:
I was almost ready to throw my magic mouse away. The scratching sound I could have lived with, but it didn't 'glide' very smoothly over any surface. Fliders saved my mouse from an untimely death. My mouse is literally better than new.

On July 8th 2011, Orun K. from Vaughan, Ontario wrote:
When the trackpad for my Macbook Pro stopped functioning correctly, I became extremely reliant on my Magic Mouse. Fliders added to my mouses' portability, enabling it to work smoothly on a great deal of surfaces. I do graphic design and programming on the go a lot- it amazes me how such a simple change to my mouse monumentally enhances it's usability and precision.

On May 12th 2011, Edward R G. from Hurricane, West Virginia wrote:
These were a very inexpensive way to extend the life of my Razer Pro|Click Mobile, which I did not want to replace. The quality of the product and the purchasing process were superb. I'm very satisfied.

On February 27th 2010, Luca M. from New York, New York wrote:
I heard about Fliders from a friend who highly recommended them! I put the Universal Fliders on both my mouse AND my keyboard. Now they both glide smoothly on my desk, safely and easily. Excellent product!

On January 26th 2011, Steve K. from Cupertino, California wrote:
I've been using Fliders on a Magic Mouse at home for about a month. It really makes mousing without a mousepad a much more comfortable experience. I just ordered 2 more for the Magic Mice at work.

On January 20th 2011, James S. from Grand Haven, Michigan wrote:
Finally, my Magic Mouse is quiet as a mouse. The horrible scraping sounds are gone, and the mouse slides smoother than ever. No Magic Mouse or Mighty Mouse should be used without Fliders. Thank you for the near silence.

On January 13th 2010, Cosimo C. from Las Vegas, Nevada wrote:
Wow, what a great product! The Fliders really work. I'm going to recommend them to my computer gaming buddies. I've already increased my win factor by 10%. This will give my team the gaming advantage over our opponents.

On January 8th 2011, Andre M. from Juillac, France wrote:
I used to have to drag my Magic mouse across a mouse pad; otherwise, it was noisy with a bad slide action until I fitted it with Fliders after which the change was incredible, a smooth noiseless slide with no more mouse pad. Pure bliss. I highly recommend this product. Thank you Fliders. Andre Marechal Pessac sur Dordogne France

On January 7th 2010, Michael S. from San Diego, California wrote:
Fliders on my mouse is like having a portable mousepad wherever I go! I'll never use a mouse without Fliders again.

On January 5th 2010, Craig R. from Las Vegas, Nevada wrote:
I installed the Universal Fliders on a roller ball mouse and it was so smooth that I had to double-check to make sure that I installed them on the right mouse. Fliders made my roller ball mouse extremely smooth, just like an optical mouse! Plus, I no longer needed to use a mousepad! Fliders are great!

On January 4th 2011, Eric B. from Lyon, France wrote:
Totally amazing ! A very good product for your Magic Mouse !

On December 1st 2010, Coleman L. from San Francisco, California wrote:
Fliders wasn't anything like I expected, It was a thin and almost perfect fitting to my magic mouse. Does get quite white and dirty on the bottom, but nevertheless, performance-wise, it makes it much smoother and makes it glide. I would recommend overall.

On November 12th 2010, Randall H. from Martinez, California wrote:
I loved my Logitech until its feet wore thin. Fliders made it better than new! Now it glides slicker than "stuff" on ice. Thank you, Fliders!

On November 11th 2010, Robert G. from Salisbury Mills, New York wrote:
I am very pleased with the feet for my mouse. Tried buying sliders from another company and was very dissatisfied with the results and the company in general. Product is very good.

On November 11th 2010, Newell O. from Las Vegas, Nevada wrote:
I'm not a gamer or a graphic designer and I don't use my computer 8 hours a day like the rest of you. But, I would describe myself as an average Joe Facebooker. There is nothing I hate more than the annoying sound of a scraping mouse over the desktop or even the annoyance of a goofy mouse pad. So, I just want to say thanks to the people at Fliders for coming up with an ingeneous way to solve both of my problems!

On November 11th 2010, Ruben L. from Las Vegas, Nevada wrote:
I got Fliders and I love them! No more mouse running off the pad! They glide smoothly over any surface and give you maximum performance. No build up residue to worry about on the bottom of your mouse! Excellent for those people who love to game. Thank God for Fliders!

On November 11th 2010, Arthur G. from Las Vegas, Nevada wrote:
I work on my computer 8-10 hours a day and I grow tired of buildup on the bottom of my mouse and the noise of my mouse sliding across the desk. I have tried several mouse pads that did not work and then I was also chasing a mouse pad across the desk or running off the edge of the pad. Fliders did the job, and they do it well. Rock on Fliders!

On October 28th 2010, David R. from Norwich, United Kingdom wrote:
The best thing about Fliders is that you don't notice you are using them. Having installed them a couple of days ago I am finding my mouse much smoother, even on a rough surface. I had a habit of knocking my mouse and spinning it around, but the Fliders seem to have solved the problem too. Excellent product, recommended for anyone who uses their mouse a lot!

On October 27th 2010, Leah R. from Las Vegas, Nevada wrote:
As a graphic designer I often use my mouse 10+ hours a day. It really makes a difference in my productivity when I don't have just the right surface for my mouse. Fliders create that perfect surface no matter where I am. No yucky mousepad, no noisy scraping. Just smooth flidin' FLIDERS! Where have you been all my life?

On October 25th 2010, Andrew K. from Elmhurst, Illinois wrote:
Fliders are an AMAZING way to make your mouse more user friendly. I am very satisfied.

On September 7th 2010, Deana S. from Las Vegas, Nevada wrote:
I have rheumatoid arthritis. After a full day at work, my right hand tends to cramp and causes me a great deal of pain. The last thing I wanted to do when I got home was play on my computer. Now, after only a few weeks of using Fliders, I am online every night, posting emails and loading new pictures. Once again, I am playing on my computer. I will never again use a mouse WITHOUT FLIDERS!