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What are Fliders?

Fliders are uniquely designed pads that affix to the bottom of your optical mouse to reduce the friction felt when moving it. The soft, yet durable material protects both your mouse and the surface beneath it. With Fliders, you get a smoother, quieter user experience!

What are Fliders made of?

Fliders are made from a distinctive blend of synthetic materials that are pressed together. The soft material glides easily on smooth surfaces like the top of your desk or a smooth mousepad. They are made exclusively to fit your mouse and now come in different colors!

Why use Fliders?

Fliders can improve your relationship with your mouse! Whether you're a full-time Graphic Designer, a casual Internet Shopper, or an Extreme Gamer, Fliders allow you to move your mouse with more ease and less noise! Simply attach Fliders to the bottom of your mouse and in seconds you'll realize what you've been missing! Once you try Fliders, you'll want them on every mouse you own!

Will Fliders work with my mouse?

Fliders work with any optical mouse, regardless of brand or model, as long as the surface you use it on is smooth. Do not use Fliders on a cloth mousepad or a non-smooth surface. If you use your mouse on a mousepad because it doesn't track well, you may still need to use a mousepad. For best results, keep the surface beneath and around your mouse clean from dust and dirt.

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"Long time fliders user/fan, just received my new fliders and applied them to my Magic Mouse 2 - boy what a difference! Great Product, my Mouse ..."
-Alex B.

"I just received my Fliders in the mail today. Excitedly, I ran to my computer and opened the package and applied the Fliders to each spot. Huge ..."
-Trevor S.
Prince George, Canada

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