Universal Fliders for All Optical Mice

$15.00 $10.00

Universal Fliders for All Optical Mice make your mouse move smoother and quieter right on your desk.  They protect both your mouse and the surface beneath it.

Fliders color altered for display purposes only.  Actual color of Fliders is black.



Are you looking for a better mousing experience? Fliders can improve the way you use your mouse by making it move smoother, quieter and more precise. In some cases, you can even get rid of your mousepad! Fliders protect both the bottom of your mouse and the surface beneath it. They make great replacement mouse feet, too!

Our Universal Fliders are easy to install. Simply, place them evenly onto the bottom of your mouse. You can even use scissors to trim Fliders as needed to fit your mouse. There is no need to remove your existing mouse feet first. Fliders work with any optical mouse regardless of brand or model.

Each package contains 12 large dots and 8 small dots (20 pieces total).

Fliders Installation & Removal


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