Fliders Forever for Apple Bluetooth Mouse – 6 Month Supply

$29.70 / 6 months

Fliders for Apple Bluetooth Mouse make your mouse move smoother and quieter right on your desk.  They protect both your mouse and the surface beneath it.

Fliders Forever is a subscription plan that entitles you to replacement Fliders for as long as your subscription is active.  We’ll send you replacement Fliders automatically so you’ll never have to worry about worn out Fliders again!  If you love smooth, quiet mousing, Fliders Forever is for you.


With the introduction of the Apple Bluetooth Mouse, Apple gave every Mighty Mouse owner a reason to upgrade. The mouse featured bluetooth wireless connection, laser tracking engine, 360-degree clickable scroll ball and more. Sounds like they thought of everything, right? Wrong!

Fliders made exclusively for the Apple Bluetooth Mouse, fit perfectly on its underside to provide a user experience unlike any other. If you haven’t made the upgrade to the Magic Mouse, here’s your chance to squeeze a bit more user satisfaction out of your Apple Bluetooth Mouse.

Each order contains six sets of Fliders for Apple Bluetooth Mouse (6 pieces total).  Actual color may vary.


This video shows you how to install and remove Fliders for Apple Bluetooth Mouse. When removing Fliders, there may be some residual adhesive left. Be sure to remove the leftover adhesive before applying your fresh new set of Fliders.

This video lets you hear the difference when using your mouse with and without Fliders. We performed the demonstration using a typical wired optical mouse with and without Fliders. Then, performed the same demonstration with the Apple Magic Mouse. The audio was not edited and no downward force was applied when moving either mouse.

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